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Our top 6 tips for a balanced, happy and healthy life. 

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Meditation & Mindfulness are no longer the outcasts. The old labels and ridicule are fading into well deserved obscurity,  as they rapidly become the accepted buzz words of 21st century wellness and healing.  


As organisations such as the institute of Heart Math and scientists such as Bruce Lipton and Greg Braden, dare to break free from old ways of thinking; as investigation into the potential of not just healing, but miraculous healing,  using meditation and mindfulness techniques continues, and as we come to realise that healing is about mind body and spirit; then we will continue to harness our own power, guidance and potential from within.

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Our bodies are the temples that we live in for this life time. They could in theory last many more years than they often do.  As we get older we naturally stiffen and the onset of aches and pains remind us of our impending old age. 

For this reason movement is one of our 6  keys to health and wellness, with Yoga, Walking and Swimming being our favourites (but definitely not the only options). I speak from experience when I say these gentle exercises can reverse bodily stiffness and pain, as I used all three after injury to my body. 


Yoga speaks to the body and mind and could stand alone as a complete healing system in its own right, and so it is the reason we put Yoga as one of our top tips for a balanced  life - Mind Body & Spirit. Swimming is gentle and holds our weight as we stretch the body, as well as being a lovely connection with the element of water. Walking heals on so many levels as we connect with nature and all the elements



We are rapidly moving away from the old “ME ME”  or “us versus them” three dimensional state of consciousness,  into a more unified “US” “WE” fifth dimensional level of understanding and consciousness. 

Many are heralding this as the long awaited dawn of the Age of Aquarius. We are on the verge as a planet of realising the value of our individual identities both culturally and nationally, but at the same time knowing we can not survive without each other. We know we are united  now through technology, through alliances for peace and a need to care for our planet,  in a way the world has never seen  before, but we are only just learning how interconnected we are energetically. 

To be and feel connected to others has profound  healing effects.  Whether it be part of a living community, a club, a hobby, or a sense of national identity, we feel unified, connected and supported.  When we pray or meditate in groups or large numbers, profound changes occur to the physiological body of both the sender  and to the recipient  of the focus, of those prayers or intentions.

We are powerful beyond our understanding and when we come together as a community and connect through the heart, despite our cultural and lifestyle differences, miracles can occur.

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When we are in heart coherence, the heart is leading the mind and body. In this state you are able to achieve healing both physically and mentally. We can tolerate stress and environmental demands, we are happier and more balanced emotionally.

Maintaining heightened emotions such as care, appreciation, gratitude, love and compassion  and using breathing techniques,  help you achieve heart coherence. A few minutes in this coherent state will trigger positive effects on your body and mind that will last for hours.

You will find more information on this subject in my blogs or by going to the Institute of HeartMath web site.

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“To keep the body in good health is a duty... otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.” 

Thanks to science and research we now have more knowledge than ever before on how to look after and care for our bodies. Every day new evidence and information appears to help us make informed choices on what we eat. The relationship of the Gut to the Heart and Mind are so interconnected, we can relieve many emotional and physical ailments just by changing our eating habits.

What is more difficult though is to practise self love. The amount of people suffering from mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression, is growing,  which is not surprising considering the fast pace and constant bombardment of technology that life presents to us. We rarely take time out for ourselves, to get to know ourselves, to listen to what our intuitions is asking of us. We are under media pressure constantly to meet bodily standards unachievable by most, to live lifestyles our income cant support.

Time out with yourself is key to self awareness and self love. True love and happiness is not found outside of ourselves but inside, in our hearts, as we reconnect to the deeper often ignored part of who we really are.



“An Attitude of Gratitude”  is a good way to remember the power of this heightened emotion. It doesn’t matter if you have heard  of it through the Spiritual Law of Attraction or from Quantum research, showing the power of high emotions on the body,  such as Love, Joy, Care, Compassion and Gratitude; the end result is the same. If you feel,  and we mean really feel, the emotion of gratitude, then the laws of this universe will give you even more to be grateful for.  As an aside this works both ways, so it is in our best interest to monitor our thoughts, feelings and emotions. We are in a constant state of talking to the “universe”/ “quantum field” /”divine”/”god”  so we are just as easily putting in a cosmic order of anger or sadness as we are any other emotion. So set your intention today to monitor those wayward thoughts and make them loving positive and grateful.

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