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Pregnancy Circles

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Facilitated by 2 doulas and sacred space holders Sarah Line and Lindsay Dalton

🌹Sharing experiences with other women in a supportive community

🌹Connecting with your baby

🌹Developing your intuition

🌹Exploring pregnancy, birth and postpartum choices

🌹Walking the labyrinth (a mindful practice)

This is for you if you want to embrace and honour the sacredness and spiritual nature of pregnancy.

Our goal is to grow a community where you will feel nourished, supported and excited as your journey from maiden to mother (or mother again).

All stages of pregnancy are welcome- you do not need to wait to reach a certain stage. Early pregnancy can be a lonely time and we want to help alleviate this. Confidentiality of attendance is important to us and something all women attending are asked to respect too.

You’re also very welcome you if you are on a conscious conception journey and are not yet pregnant (please contact me to discuss)


Exchange: sliding scale £15/£25/£30

About sliding scale pricing:

Please choose the price that feels right for you, no questions asked.

The standard price is £25, if you can’t afford that right now then choose the lower price. If you can afford £30 this enables us to be able to offer the lower price point to those who need it.

It is a way of paying it forward so that we can build a sustainable and thriving community

See the events page for pregnancy circle dates and if there isn't one showing please get in touch to register your interest.

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