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The Labyrinth


Labyrinths are an ancient geometric symbol and pathway. Used for thousands of years in many cultures both ancient and modern.

Often confused with the puzzles that are mazes,  the Labyrinth is a single pathway and requires nothing more than a quiet intuitive mind. As you follow the single pathway to the centre and back out again you are metaphorically tracing your journey to the centre of your deepest self and back out into the world with a broadened understanding of who you are.

The question is not how you walk a Labyrinth but should you. As you take your first step into the Labyrinth you are taking the first step to rediscovering your essence. It is the pathway of a true spiritual warrior, each step is a step into the unknown, with nothing but a loving open heart, we trust our own intuition and follow the untrod path to self realisation, wisdom and empowerment. 

As a trained Veriditas facilitator and through my own experiences and many many Labyrinth walks, it is my joy and passion to share the power of the Labyrinth with people. The potential for healing, inner guidance, peace and a deep connection with the earth and planet, that comes from a walk, is profound, with no two walks ever being the same. We are connecting to something far greater than ourselves that only intuition can barely touch but the effects of which speak for themselves.

I share the Labyrinth mainly as part of my annual events but am equally happy if private groups or individuals would like to experience the Labyrinth on their own. 


The cost of a private walk on your own is £15.00 for 1-2  hours

For a private non charging group of friends, you can bring a picnic or just spend time on the land £15.00 per head for 1-2 hours.


If you would like me to create a two hour workshop for you and talk about Labyrinths and the Henge,  do some meditation or fire ceremony, that can also be arranged. We can cover any subjects that you want, from law of attraction and manifestation, numerology, sacred geometry, working with oracle cards, relaxation and mindfulness etc. 

Price will  be  £25.00 per head for a 2-3 hour workshop, with a minimum charge of £70.00 for a weekday and £120.00 for a weekend day

Alternatively see our events page for a range of celebrations on key energy days during the year and where a Labyrinth walk is always part of the day or evening.

Healing Sessions


“To heal is to touch with love that which we previously touched with fear”

Stephen Levine


Using an intuitive combination of the healing modalities listed below and cutting edge mind / heart  techniques, emerging from the field of quantum physics; my healing sessions can be used as an aid for healing the mind, emotions, physical body and soul. Healing is non evasive, gentle and can be given in isolation or as a compliment to allopathic traditional medicine.

Drawing on 20 years of research and training, I encourage a self empowered approach to healing. Bringing awareness to the self and redirection to a heart based inner focus, enables a more holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

A healing session is also an opportunity to share and is sometimes a key part of the healing process, as we work together towards releasing mental and emotional issues, that may be causing anxiety, pain and disease within our physical bodies.



Healing sessions:  £45.00. 

Healing Session with Cacao £50.00

Allow one and a half hours for consultation and healing session.

To book a session or ask questions email

Healing qualifications and therapies:  Usui Reiki Master, Angelic Reiki Master, Professional Therapist in Advanced Crystal Healing, HDH  Unified Healing, Spiritual healing through the BHA (British Healers Association), Reiki Drum Practitioner.

Associations: Member of The British Healers Association

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