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Ceremonial Use of Cacao

This section discusses how Cacao can be used as part of a daily spiritual practise.

Whether you use mindfulness and meditation as a part of your mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing or you like a deeper connection through ceremony,  shamanic journey or vision quests; Cacao can work with you on whatever level of consciousness you choose.



There is not a lot to say here as this part of your journey with Cacao is deeply personal. I can only share with you something of my journey with Cacao and what my daily practise is, with the intention of inspiring you to venture  within and make the sacred connection with Mama Cacao. 

I had drank cacao before I did my training and had often wandered what all the fuss was about, it had even on occasion upset my stomach. I was therefore surprised at myself when I decided to participate in a 60 hour cacao ceremony facilitator course.  The result of this course is the reason I am writing this web page. The deep connection and awakening to the sacredness of Cacao, that was triggered in me during the 21 day Dieta, and the training days, was profound. I can not continue with out giving a shout out and much gratitude to my teacher, Becki Bell, who played no small part in the process. Thankyou Becki.


There are many different grades and brands of Cacao on the market and so I can't be sure if my upset stomach was due to different brands not suiting my body, or if I was not giving the full respect to the plant medicine when I had drank it.  All I know, is the Cacao that I was given in my training, is the same Cacao as I am now selling through Field of Healing and this Cacao is the one that I have established a harmonious relationship with in  body, mind and spirit. It is ceremonial grade which means it is as pure as it can be, it is an ancestral or heirloom  cacao and is produced and harvested using the traditional chakra method. It is fair trade with no GMOS and grown organically.

As with all spiritual work it is about the purity of intention and so when working with the spirit of a plant you are also working with the people who have grown it, produced it and sold it. Having worked with trees and plants for many years I understand the importance of respect and the relationship we have with nature on an energetic level. It seems only right then that the Cacao we consume, particularly in ceremony, has the highest possible integrity.


I make my Cacao with intention and positive thoughts, often singing or talking to her as I make the drink. Today was full of laughter as Bodhi our dog was trying to play football with me as I stirred the pot.

You could add smudging the space, lighting candles, or whatever you are guided to do in preparation

Invocation to Mama Cacao

Before I drink I offer Mama Cacao  to the 7 directions.

East - our spiritual direction and connection to source and new beginnings

South - To the warmth of the Sun, vitality and passion and to our children

West - To water and balancing of our emotions, to meditation and vision quests

North - to our ancestors, to letting go of all that no longer serves

Above - to our guides, guardians and the beings of light that work with us, to father sky

Below - to Mother earth / Pachamama / Gaia and the kingdoms and elements of earth

To ourselves and our heart as the 7th direction - offering gratitude and love for the wisdom, nurturing and nutrition that the Mama Cacao is bringing

After I have drank the Cacao I usually either meditate, journal, read, pull some cards or walk the field ( or all of these if I spare myself the time) 

I close my ceremony with gratitude 

Sending you lots of love and inspiration as you connect with Mama Cacao.

It is my intention  for you, that it  will bring you much peace and love


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