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Field of Healing Cacao

Fairtrade Ceremonial Cacao from the Tsatsayaku Association in Ecuador.

Dedicated to conserving ancestral cacao Fino de Aroma and grown by the traditional farming method, called chakra, which has a conscientious respect for the natural environment.

Our Cacao is organically grown, wild harvested in a traditional way, with no additives or GMO’s and where everyone in the supply chain is supported and benefitted, with a fair price for all the members of the association.

Cacao is a plant medicine and super food. Having discovered the benefits through my own training and practise as a ceremonial cacao facilitator, it is now my honour to share the physical and emotional benefits of drinking ceremonial cacao regularly, as well as the spiritual benefits when you drink cacao with intention, as a mindful or ceremonial practise.

Understanding Cacao

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