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My name is Sarah Line

I am a mentored Doula having recently completed my training with Developing Doulas. I am a mum of two grown children, Nana to my  first grandchild and a second on the way.

I have unknowingly been “Doula-ing” for 20 years as a healer and facilitator of holistic workshops, with my core intention to nurture and empower those that come to me. We have everything we need within, to support ourselves and make our own choices, we just sometimes need a little extra support to remind ourselves of that and how amazing we are.

This ethos will also be the base line for my work as a Doula; to be fully present for you, to listen to your concerns, your joy and your fears. To remind you that you have what it takes to complete the sacred journey to motherhood, whilst knowing you have my full support for those wobble moments.

I will help guide and encourage you in keeping your Oxytocin levels high throughout your pregnancy, birth and beyond, a gift not only to yourself but to your new baby and family.

If you would like to explore some holistic practises to assist your emotional and mental wellbeing during pregnancy, I can share with you gentle meditation and relaxation techniques; and as a certified ceremonial Cacao facilitator, I can also share the nutritional benefits of Cacao, as well as its use for creating calm and relaxation and helping produce the Oxytocin, that will benefit you on your journey to parenthood.

Whatever your Doula requirements I am happy to work with you to create the service that suits you.  However you want to birth your baby, at home or in hospital, I will support you and help you in whatever way I can. Whether it be an ante natal session so you can talk through your birth plans, use me as a sounding board to help you make those important decisions,  or give support as your birth Doula before and during birth,

If you feel drawn to finding out more about me, or just want a chat to see if we fit, then do get in touch.


Click on the links below for more information on the Doula services I offer and how I can support and work with you throughout  your pregnancy and birth. 




If you would like to know more about the Doula services I offer, or have specific questions, drop me a message here.

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Thankyou for your enquiry, I will be in touch shortly

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