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About Field of Healing

Field of Healing offers a sacred space for Reflection, Reconnection, Healing, Meditation & Prayer. 

The work we do is to encourage a deep connection to the self; to empower, to inspire and to heal and we offer many different ways to help you experience this. You could walk our 11-tier Labyrinth; Experience the geometry of Metatrons Cube in our Henge of Oak and Lime trees; wear and work with a piece of jewellery from our sister brand Intent; receive a healing or attend one of our events or workshops. 

Our aim is to provide the space, environment and tools to allow you to tap into your own innate wisdom, to live fully in your own truth so that you, in turn, will be of support to those around you and to our planet.

Our intention for every visitor to Field of Healing: That you will leave us with an open heart; inspired, healed and refreshed, having reconnected to yourself, to nature and our planet.


Our Services

INTENT Jewellery 
The Henge

Our tree henge has been planted to honour the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine.

The Outer circle of 24 Oak trees, representing the masculine and the inner circle of 12 Limes, representing the feminine.

There are 4 small stones marking the 4 directions and 4 guardian trees also at each of the 4 entrances to the henge

The central stone acts as the teacher and key stone as it holds the wisdom and mystery of the henge.

It is not obvious from the ground, but a birds eye view of the henge reveals the perfect geometry of Metatrons Cube.  This piece of sacred geometry is said to contain the secrets of the universe and within it we can also find the Platonic Solids.

Working with the Henge is an ongoing process but we have already established that it loves a story. A place to explore in silence but also very much a place to gather and share.




Hire Our Space

If you would like to use our space for your own events then get in touch.

Half days, full days, evenings, or why not have a weekend retreat !

We love to work with like minded people who share our connection with Mother Earth and would like a sacred space to work in.

Drumming Circles, Sacred Song and Dance, Meditation, Mind Body Spirit, Wellness and Spiritual Workshops are just some of the groups we have hosted here in the Field of Healing.




Sarah is a dear friend who has the most wonderful energies, which she so kindly shares through the meetings and celebrations she holds around her Labyrinth in Bythorn.  Her gatherings are always special, and form part of my spiritual well-being.  For me, the Labyrinth holds the most gentle and purest of energies allowing true meditation, guidance and love to be created.  It is truly a special place.


I’m pleased to always ask Sarah for a healing when I feel unbalanced or unwell. Her healing modalities, especially through the use of crystals, is expansive and intuitive.  She brings calmness and gentleness to healing sessions and is always unhurried. Sarah brings in all the forces of natural healing, and uses her insightfulness to truly make her clients feel whole again.  

— Julia, Labyrinth Event



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