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Updated: May 31, 2021

Today sees a Full Blood Moon, a Lunar Eclipse, and is also the Wesak Festival. Oh and Saturn just went retrograde in Aquarius.

I am not about to launch into the meanings and symbology of all this celestial activity, there are far more knowledgeable people than me who can do that. My urge to put pen to paper on this matter, is to highlight the unseen influences that bombard us every moment of every day.

I have always thought of my self as very energy robust and have been lucky enough to not be affected too much by moon phases and various cycles. I suspect however that this is either changing, or I am more tuned in than I was in my busier, younger years. Whatever the reason, I am becoming much more aware that I have to be a little more gentle, patient and aware of the spirit part of my "mind body spirit".

How often do you make a plan for the day or week ahead only to find your enthusiasm or energy in that moment does not last the lifetime of the project in motion. There is no explanation why on a Monday morning you could conquer the world but then Tuesday brings a sluggishness and lack lustre attitude, and the enthusiasm of the day before doesn't return, either ever or not for a few days. You can rule out your body as you are currently being kind and nourishing it, your mind seems ok too, no particular worries; So what causes these unexplained lapses into tiredness, procrastination, disinterest, lethargy and a whole host of other reasons that cause you to be functioning on limited energy?

I don't claim there is one answer but I do think we have a part answer here and should therefore be aware how we are affected by the unseen. Whether it be celestial events, planetary alignments, the earths Schumann resonance, the energy of the people around us or even the mass consciousness. I also believe we should give ourselves some leeway on these days and don't berate ourselves for not being superhuman.

As we become more familiar with the Unified / Quantum field, of which we are all part, we can not fail to understand that one affects all; Of course I have always been affected by the unseen, we all have. But for whatever reason, I am being guided at this time in my life, to acknowledge, embrace and honour the universal conversation like never before.

I believe part of self mastery is to be the observer of your own life. When we are conscious of each moment, we can respond accordingly rather than react. And so it is with renewed intent that I gift myself the freedom to respond, as my spirit wants, to the mysterious invisible influences that we encounter each moment. It is ok for us to say no, or to wildly say yes, to take time out, or to dive right in. We have brought the unseen into view and now we can consciously engage.

With love



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