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Touch – A Message from Mole

The Moles are out in force this year, to such an extent I had to look up their symbolic meaning. The one word that jumped out was touch. “Trust in what you feel more than what you see or hear. Seek to physically touch others or to be touched …” Steven Farmer. Two days later and I am still pondering this, so I decided to put pen to paper to see what would emerge.

We are being denied touch, during lock down, in a way not experienced in any of our lifetimes. It is no surprise really that mole has decided to pop up, all over Field of Healing, to get its message heard.

When I was doing puppy training classes with Bodhi, we were taught to use the command “touch” to bring puppy to us. They had to touch our hands to get their treat. This, we were told, was to reinforce in puppies mind that you were real and physically there. Months later this is now a silent and established way of reconnecting with each other. This alone deserves contemplation in an age where we connect and communicate with our phones more than we do physically with each other. Is touch the key to our humaness?

The first thing we do when meeting our family and friends, is to touch each other in some meaningful way, through handshakes, hugging or kissing. When we are emotionally triggered, we use the word touch to express how our feelings have been affected; “That really touched me”. Our instinctive response to someone in physical or emotional pain is to touch; either the scraped knee of a child, or the gentle touch on the shoulder of someone in emotional pain.

As a healer, the most basic way to administer healing, is through our hands by touching.

We are each consciousness enjoying the gift of a human life. That life is physical, and we experience it through the 5 senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. The only one of those senses that can not be taken away from you through accident or illness, is touch.

As an avid fan of tree hugging, I know that whenever I take time out and slow down enough to sit under a tree, or give it a good old hug, I never fail to feel restored, inspired and more peaceful. As I sit near the Labyrinth writing these thoughts, I contemplate the Silver Birch that I had chosen to sit under. Chosen for the convenience of shade from the Sun than anything more meaningful. However, as I write, the symbology of this beautiful tree is not lost on me. Its essence is feminine and brings with it, messages of hope, through protection and new beginnings. Often associated with the Celtic Goddess Brigid, who has also been a prominent messenger for me during the last few weeks. Of course, it is only natural I would intuitively choose a feminine back rest, when contemplating something that is usually passed off as being a feminine pursuit; “the feminine touch”.

I pause my writing to go within and connect with this sacred synchronicity, reminding me of the messages from Brigid over the last few weeks.

The weeks of isolation, not being allowed to hug my children. Mum yearning for even a brief touch from her Grandchildren. During this time Brigid has been walking with me, whispering hope of new beginnings to come, wrapping me in her feminine embrace. A fifth of my human experience has been greatly denied me, and in this moment, I promise to never again take for granted the gift of touch. It has much to say and teach.

Touch is the glue that keeps us together as humans. It is the act of touching that reaffirms our love and affection for each other without the need for words. Its language is silent, but deafening, for those prepared to feel its message.

I believe the message that Mole brings us is extremely auspicious. It is one we should remember as the world emerges from the darkness of lock down, with new rules and regulations to navigate. We need to feel our way into this new world. The wisdom of Mole tells us to go within, to seek our own council and to touch the truth or untruth of everything you see and hear. Never have we needed, so much, the sacred sense of touch. It is our ally and it has our back. All we need to do is tap into its divine wisdom.

Sending all that read this, a huge hug of love from my heart to yours

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