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The Darkest Hour Is Just Before Dawn

First of all how could I use this title and not give credit to the incredible Mama and Papas and the beautiful message of love they shared in this song.

Second, I may be sticking my neck out here, as writing this on 23rd March 2021 certainly doesn't look like any sort of dawn is coming soon. For historical purposes I should mention we are just over the year mark in a world wide pandemic, full of on and off lock downs.

Here in the UK we are being promised a release from restrictions on the summer solstice whilst also being told a third wave is coming.

So why am I hopeful that we are about to see the Dawn?

I can feel it, is my main answer and reason for writing. It is written in the stars is another indicator. Surely it cant go on for much longer would also be a valid statement of hope to consider.

I, like many, have been down many rabbit holes in the last year and am currently in some sort of suspended animation, as many of my beliefs don't stand up under scrutiny any more. I have seen more than I cared to and questioned everything I know to be true, only to emerge emotionally ravaged and isolated into a world completely split in two (actually not just two, there are many splits but this isn't the place to discuss those), whilst at the same time feeling incredibly calm, inspired and excited.

For those that have been on a spiritual journey for some years, you will know we have watched various planetary alignments and dates come and go. Events that we were expecting would sky rocket us into some sort of blissful ascension process; where we would all emerge into a beautifully, 5D, high vibrational world, full of love and light. These mystical dates have been coming and going for thousands of years and I am sure our ancestors waited for the dawn just as we have been doing.

But who in our generation of spiritual seekers would have thought the long awaited great awakening would play out on the political and financial stages, with the main antagonist being a virus. Not quite the rapture we had been hoping for!

I believe the Dawn is already here, showing us it's first signs of magnificence. In the last year we have witnessed tragedy on a global level. Not just through tragic deaths from the virus and the untold tragedies of suicide, isolation, depression, fear of death and material hardship. But also as important, the loss of human touch and interaction.

Each person has had their own version of the darkness shown to them. An opportunity to discover that which rarely shows itself. We have also had an opportunity to reflect and grow. To learn what we don't want and discard it and discover what we do want and start to create it. For some the last year has been an opportunity to rest for some it has been an arduous toil.

Whatever your year has been like, it has not been wasted. You have lived and are living through the greatest awakening this planet has ever seen. Those dates that came and went all contributed little by little to where we are now. They each had a vibrational impact on us, our planet and beyond, preparing us for each moment to come.

Some will see the dawn before others, some like me can feel it, others simply know it and many are completely oblivious. I am not saying that the tough times are over, we still have much work to do, but I feel the tide has turned. We have entered the age of Aquarius in quite a traumatic fashion and it is now down to each individual to contribute to this new earth. We have given our power away for too long to too few and now is the time to stand in our own sovereignty. We need to consciously interact with the world around us, hold those who look after us accountable, hold ourselves accountable and be who we came here to be.

We also must remember our inner work. We havent spent years honing our spiritual tool box skills for no reason. We are interacting with the quantum field on a moment by moment basis and as we continue to raise our vibration, that interaction is becoming more and more potent and responsive. We see our manifestations arriving so quickly now. This is where we can do some of our greatest or worst work. Now, more than ever before, is the time to turn off the fear (Hint - TV) and connect with our divine source. To connect with the high frequencies of love, joy and compassion, so it is those frequencies that draw in the dawn we are expecting.

We are each a child of the universe and we each signed up to experience this earth walk together. We need to remember our own magnificence and divinity and act accordingly.

Sending you much love and courage on your journey into the next moment and don't forget to bask in the beauty of each dawn.



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