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Ways to celebrate the Summer Solstice

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

21 June 2019 at 15:54 GMT (16:54 BST).

As we approach the longest day of the year, when the sun is highest in the sky in the northern hemisphere and the celebration of Summer Solstice dawns; I thought I would, in true Virgo style, produce a list of some of the ways you can acknowledge and celebrate this moment, like our ancestors have done before us.

Fire - As a Solar festival, the element of Fire is top of the list – Light a candle, bonfire or incense to honour the sun. If lighting a fire burn oak and herbs and send blessings to the sun, mother earth and all that live on her.

Welcome the sunrise – There is something magical about rising early on Solstice morning in time to watch the sun rise over the horizon. There is a silence and power to the moment that only those that witness this can describe. As you feel the first rays wash over you, consciously allowing the filaments of light to enter your field, strengthening your physical and subtle bodies and igniting the heart. It is a perfect time to feel the connection we all have with each other, as we witness a celestial moment, along with thousands of others in our hemisphere. An honouring our ancestors made and those yet to come will do.

Oak - The Oak Tree – We will be focusing on the Oak here in Field of Healing this year as we dedicate a 15 year old Oak that has been gifted to the field. At this time the Oak represents the fertility and abundance of the land as the sun reaches its peak. Soon the light will start to wane as the darkness returns and we start our journey towards autumn and winter, just as the Oak King will make way for his twin the Holly King.

Solar Plexus Chakra – This Chakra represents our inner sun, our power centre. Use this time to release all that hinders you expressing your full light. Pamper yourself, have fun, be childlike and play in the sun. Make intentions to step into your full power by nurturing and loving yourself , by connecting with your solar plexus through meditation and intent, to tap into your confidence and creativity. Express yourself with creative projects. Use the fire of the sun and your solar plexus to radiate Love and Joy and express yourself through these energies.

Flowers – Our flowers are in full bloom, give someone some flowers to spread peace, love and gratitude. Use this fertile festival to spread and grow these beautiful loving emotions.

Crystal - Charge your crystals in the Solstice energies. Work with Red and yellow crystals such as Red calcite and Carnelian.

Yoga – What better day than this to practise your sun salutation. Do this to not only honour the sun but your own inner light. To celebrate the marriage of heaven and earth, that this festival represents.

Goddesses & Gods - Work with one of the many Sun Gods and Goddesses. Choose your deity, research their story and attributes, and learn their wisdom by inviting them to you in meditation. I love Apollo who has helped me on numerous occasions by clearing the sky.

Whatever way you decide to honour Summer Solstice this year, celebrate with an open heart and allow your inner fire to warm the hearts of all those you meet.



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